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Property Valuations Hertfordshire and Essex

Alongside our building surveys and homebuyer reports, we also specialise in providing a wide range of valuations for our customers in Essex, Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Help to Buy Valuations

If you are using the government Help to Buy scheme, then a certified valuation needs to be carried out. At Pridmore Cox, we have experienced RICS-registered surveyors who can provide this service for you to make sure that all compulsory boxes are ticked.

The Government Help to Buy scheme has helped thousands of people to buy their home, by offering a contribution towards the initial purchase. This process means that they will be able to own a percentage of your home; if you decide you would like to buy some of the house back or all of the house, you will need a RICS Help to Buy survey in order to do so.

Probate Valuation for Tax Purposes

If you are going through the probate process where a property is involved, it is important that you have an up-to-date and accurate valuation so that you ensure that inheritance tax (IHT) is calculated correctly. Pridmore Cox are lucky enough to have several surveyors who have worked in District Valuers’ offices and can act as go-betweens in these circumstances, as well as providing accurate valuations and advice that will enable the process to run smoothly for you.

Our reports consist of a brief summary of the property, details of the accommodation, a report on the condition followed by a valuation or market value at the date of death, whichever is appropriate, which would be achievable between a willing vendor and purchaser.

Matrimonial Valuations

If you share a home with a long-term partner and the relationship comes to an end, we would recommend an independent valuation takes place on the shared home. A matrimonial valuation can help to protect your interests and prevent any disputes, as long as the valuation is carried out by a member of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors)

Pridmore Cox can arrange valuation advice for matrimonial situations or in the unfortunate situation where any disputes arise. This form of report is normally on the basis of a private valuation without a detailed report, and focuses on the overall condition of the property. Similar to a Buildings Survey, the report may identify the need for further advice or additional reports on specific defects – if appropriate.

Insurance Valuations

We prepare our insurance valuations in accordance with current RCIS Guidelines, which we monitor closely for any procedural updates.

Why Choose Pridmore Cox?

Our team of surveyors in Essex and Hertfordshire are trained to carry out matrimonial valuations and provide independent reports. We have experience in working with a variety of clients and will happily provide valuations and reports for main matrimonial homes, as well as any other residential, commercial or investment property owned by the separating couple.

To find out more about our property valuation services in Essex and Hertfordshire, please contact a member of the Pridmore Cox team today and we will be able to help you with any queries that you may have.