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Purchasing a home will be the most expensive purchase you are ever likely to make; so it’s important that the property is structurally safe and free of any issues that could affect the building. A homebuyer survey report can be used for all types of properties and is the most common type of property survey in the industry used to flag up any major issues with the property itself.

The homebuyer reports, conducted by Pridmore Cox, will provide you with a detailed inspection of the property so you can be informed of any obvious problems or defects that might affect its value, such as rot, damp and subsidence.

What Is A Homebuyer Report?

A homebuyer report is essentially a health-check on a property, lifting the lid on what lies inside the property. The reports can be used on most modern homes, as well as conventional older homes that are in a reasonable state of repair.

A RICS Homebuyer Report is essentially a more concise version of a Building Survey Report. The report comes in a standard format, as laid out by the RICS, and focuses on only essential defects or issues that, if unaddressed, could have a serious effect on both the structural integrity and ongoing value of the property itself. If there are any safety, insurance or legal issues, a Homebuyer Report will identify these and reflect whether the valuation that you have been given is accurate.

If you are looking at a property built after 1930 for example, which is in a reasonable condition, then a Homebuyer Report is perfectly suitable, and a Building Survey Report is not necessary. Other properties that will only require a Homebuyer Report are flats.

Why Do I Need A Homebuyer Report?

A Homebuyer report will provide you with a number of benefits that give you peace of mind if any problems are identified before you buy a house.

The survey can allow room for the reopening of negotiations with the house seller on the price should any issues with the property arise in the report. As the homebuyer report is designed to show any issues with the property, you could have the ability to agree with the house seller that any repairs should be completed before you move into the property.

On the other hand, a homebuyer report may also flag up some issues that will make you rethink your purchase of the property.

What Does A Homebuyer Report Cover?

A homebuyer report will cover the following:

  • A focus on essential defects and problems that are urgent, significant and could have an adverse effect on the value of the property.
  • General condition and features of the property.
  • Particular matters that should be referred to your legal advisers.
  • Any relevant considerations i.e. safety matters, location, environment, insurance etc.
  • Matters which are not judged to be urgent or significant will in general not be included in the report, but the surveyor will mention matters which are judged to be helpful and constructive.
  • A valuation commenting on whether the agreed purchase price is correct and whether it reflects the condition of the property.

Once the surveyor has visited the property or flat you are hoping to buy, you will receive the report in a matter of days. Take a look through the Homebuyer report and then contact us to discuss the findings with us.

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