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About us

Pridmore Cox are independent chartered surveyors with years of experience covering Hertfordshire, Essex, and Cambridgeshire. We provide residential survey advice, as well as valuations for private clients, financial institutions and the legal profession.

Chartered Surveyors in Hertfordshire and Essex

Pridmore Cox are a team of independent Chartered Surveyors, specialising in a wide range of residential and commercial property services including building surveys, homebuyer reports and property valuations. We cover Hertfordshire, Essex and the surrounding areas, delivering comprehensive and efficient building surveying services to clients in the South East.

We strive to keep our standards consistently high and maintain an excellent relationship with all of our new and existing clients. As we are independent, we can provide you with high quality and impartial advice on any project you may come to Pridmore Cox with. Our highly trained and experienced team of Chartered Surveyors in Hertfordshire and Essex have incredible local area knowledge and the property expertise to help a variety of residential and commercial clients.

With years of experience in providing RICS registered reports, valuations and building surveys to clients in the home counties of Hertfordshire and Essex, we are passionate about providing high-quality and impartial advice to all residential and commercial clients.

Local Building Surveyors in Hertfordshire and Essex

Purchasing a property will likely be the biggest purchase of your life, so it goes without saying that you want to ensure you are making a good investment. To make sure that this is the case, it’s important that you enlist the services of our experienced surveyors in Hertfordshire and Essex.

At Pridmore Cox, we are proud to offer a range of property services that are designed to help you make the best decision regarding the purchase of a new property or the to check the current structural integrity of a property.

Why Should I Hire A Building Surveyor?

Enlisting the help of Pridmore Cox’s chartered surveyors in Essex and Hertfordshire will enable you to receive impartial and expert property advice on the structural elements of a property, which will help you to put any issues right before the cost builds up. Whether the property is decades old or is a new-build, we will be able to check the true condition of it and provide you with comprehensive reports of any structural or environmental problems, potential solutions and their costs.

Our service promise

In communication, customer service and the knowledge and advice that we offer.
Ensuring that we always meet our own high standards and, in turn, yours.
Swift, clear communication that doesn’t allow for any confusion

Contact Pridmore Cox Today

For more information on our comprehensive building surveys, homebuyer reports and a variety of property valuations, please contact us today and a member of the team will be able to help you.


Homebuyer Report

An RICS Homebuyer Report is essentially a more concise version of a Building Survey Report. The report comes in a standard format, as laid out by the RICS


Building Survey

If you are looking at a property that needs a more thorough examination, with a structural focus, then a building survey report is the right choice.



On top of Building Surveys and Homebuyer Reports, we also specialise in providing a wide range of valuations for our customers.

Our independence is your reassurance

We pride ourselves on keeping our standards consistently high, yet always striving for improvement and ongoing excellence. However, this is not the only aspect of our business that sets Pridmore Cox apart from the rest. As we are also independent, this means that we can provide you with high-quality impartial advice, never compromising our standards or the high expectations that our clients have of us.
Our obligation to all our clients is to provide expert opinions based on the knowledge and experience that we have built up over the years. Our efficient, unbiased service is never pressured by external sources, and we always ensure that we have senior staff on hand to ensure that any issues you may have are dealt with swiftly and professionally.

More about Building Surveyance in Essex


Our chartered surveyors are all fully qualified RICS members, have many years’ valuation and surveying experience in their local markets and are supported by very able administration teams, skilled in all aspects of the business.

Quality and audit

We ensure that we always meet our own internal quality standards, not just by having the best surveyors but also through robust internal auditing and training, which is undertaken by our compliance team.


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